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Deluxe Wiring Kit ~ P Bass Vintage 250k

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Pro Series hand selects the best guitar parts and accessories from manufacturers around the world and brings them together under one roof.  When you buy Pro Series you can rest assured that you are buying professional grade parts built for superior performance and longevity.


Upgrade Wiring Kit for Precision Bass 250k


The Deluxe Vintage P Bass Wiring Kit Follows the tried and true formula of premium quality components and original spec wiring diagram. This kit is designed for a vintage purist with premium quality components.

For Each Kit we will also include the optional Volume Mod / Treble Bleed Kit Upgrade which preserves high end frequencies and improves the taper when rolling back your volume.

Kits Come Complete With

  • 2 x Pro Series 250k CTS Solid Shaft Pots (Audio taper) (+/-10%)
  • 1 x Genuine Switchcraft J11 Mono Output jack
  • 2 x Foot ea of Genuine Gavitt Pre Tinned Push Back Cloth Wire .22 ( White + Black)
  • 1 x 150 Series Polyester Film Capacitor (0.047uf) (Hand Tested to +/-10%)
  • 1 x Premium Volume Mod / Treble Bleed Kit
  • 1x Pre Printed Wiring Diagram Included

Reviews (1)

Matt 25th Aug 2018

Precision Bass wiring kit

Amazing communication and speed of delivery. Mat is very helpful. The wiring kit is great but what stopped me from going the full 5-stars was that the wiring diagram was a little hard to follow, particularly as the volume mod/tone bleed kit was shown on a separate wiring diagram, rather than one circuit showing how it all fits together including the mod. Personally I would have preferred an actual circuit diagram, rather than the picture wiring diagram that was supplied But that might just be down to my preference and might not be a problem for someone else, The new setup definitely sounds better. It hasn’t got rid of the buzz that the bass produces when I turn the tone right up, but this is most likely because the buzz isn’t a wiring issue as such, so no complaints about that. Super happy all round and will definitely be getting this kit again if I need to upgrade a bass in the future.

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Additional Info

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