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Monarch Pedals – effects pedals for guitar and bass designed and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand. 

“We make original circuit effects pedals that make playing the guitar more fun, more inspiring, and make you want to play that little bit longer, building them by hand one at a time from road-tested components that are built to survive the rigours of the road, or wherever you want them to go. A funky paintjob doesn’t hurt either!” 

Fuzz Boy: From glitch synth experimental tones right down to thick sludgy doom, it’s all here. The starve control rolls back the power for sputter Velcro tones or gated synth sounds. The mass control takes you from bright crunch to massive and dense rivers of sludge. Great fun. 

There are 4 controls on the face of unit – Volume, Tone, Mass, and Starve. 

Volume – this sets the overall output volume of the device. Turning up will add fullness to the sound. 

Tone – The tone control acts like a bass cut. Full fat goodness is to the left, cat-fight noises to the right.  

Starve – Limits the power going to the transistors. Almost works like a gain control. The higher this goes the more glitchy it gets and will eventually cut out.  

Mass – This control goes from thin to fat and adds body to the signal. 

9v centre negative DC input only. No battery capability. 

All analogue circuitry, handwired, true bypass.


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