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Hot Twanger Tele® Pickup (Bridge)

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A beefed up bridge pickup that transcends the balance between sweet vintage sing and high output punch.

Bridge - Hot Twanger

This beefed up Kent design Tele® bridge pickup transcends the balance between sweet vintage sting and high output punch. Big, snappy low end, striking mids, and crisp high end make this one of the best vintage bridge pickups available today. The stainless steel baseplate redirects and focuses the magnetic field towards the strings so you get excellent dynamic response. If your twanger is too bright and wimpy, then replace your bridge pickup with the TL4R and crank it up!


Magnet Type = Alnico 5 Polepieces
D.C. resistance = 8.58k Ohms
Inductance (henrys) = 2.84
Magnet dimensions in millimeters = 5mm W X 17mm L
Lead type = 2 conductor


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11th Oct 2015

Kent Armstrong Hot Twanger

This pickup combined with the hot rebel in the neck is a great match. In the middle position you get a fantastic honking Tele sound and on its own you get more tele bite than you will ever need. You may have to turn the tone down a bit on occasions as it can be quite sharp. Responds really well to overdrive. Crystall clear

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