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This is a pre-owned pedal. 

All pre-owned pedals have been tested and are in proper working order. Each pedal is rated for condition on a scale of 1-5 (5=excellent condition/as new; no paint chips or scratches). The rating is for the pedal only. If it comes in the original box, that will be noted in the listing.

The condition of this pedal is rated 5/5. In original box.


The MC6 is a fully programmable MIDI controller, capable of sending up to 16 different MIDI messages per preset. Each of this message can be mapped to a specific action on a switch, which gives the user a plethora of options and precise control just from a single switch. With 30 banks and 12 preset per bank, the MC6 will sit comfortable on any pedalboard amid the varying demands of any musician.


The design philosophy for the MC6 MKII is simple, and that is what makes it so powerful.


​There are 30 banks with 12 Presets and 2 Expression Presets per bank. Each preset can send up to 16 midi messages or functions, and each message corresponds to an action.




Program each message to correspond to an action. For example, in one preset, you can program a CC#0 MIDI message to send out when a switch is pressed, and a double tap on the same switch to change banks




Each preset can be programmed to send up to 16 messages. Each message can be programmed to send a MIDI message or activate a function. 


Like the MKI, the MC6 MKII comes with an intuitive web and desktop-based editor for easy programming.

The editor gives you the ability to view your preset settings on one screen, and make any edits easily before saving your settings back to your device. 

Key Features
  • Compact and fully programmable MIDI controller
  • 30 Banks, 12 Presets per Bank, 16 Messages per Preset
  • 2 inputs for additional expression control and aux switches
  • LCD screen displays preset names for all switches
  • On-board editing functions as well as software editor on PC/Mac
  • Multiple power options


  • Power source requirementsWeight: 0.8 KG​
    • 9-12VDC via 2.1mm power jack​
    • 9-12V AC/DC via phantom power on MIDI OUT pins 6 & 7
    • USB
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 145mm x 95mm x 45mm
  • Current consumption: 80mA



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