Pomeroy Full Feature Overdrive, Distortion & Boost Black

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Includes full factory warranty against defects in components or manufacturing.
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emerson-astron-logo-no-oval-custom-black-small.pngA Highly Tweakable Boost and Overdrive

The Emerson Pomeroy is a Boost, Overdrive & Distortion Pedal featuring a 100% Analog Signal Path. Its jammed packed with an immense amount of features that allow the player ultimate control over their tonal palate and shaping needs. The Emerson Pomeroy Features 2 Independent Channels that pair incredibly well with each other. They can be used independently or together. There is no order toggle on this pedal, as we believe the Pomeroy's Boost Sounds best after its Overdrive/Distortion circuit.

Up to 24dBs of clean boost

Sweetwater guitarists know that one of the most useful picker's tools is a good boost. And the Pomeroy is an excellent option due to its massive headroom and convenient options. The amount of boost is completely variable, and with the High/Low switch set to Low, a stomp of the switch can bring in +12dB of full-range clean boost. Flip the switch to High, and the pedal is capable of pushing its full power. The onboard display is highly visible and gives you an accurate readout of your current boost settings.

Overdrive with flexible tonal shaping

Emerson Custom has already made a name for themselves in the overdrive pedal market. So it's no surprise that Pomeroy's overdrive circuit sounds fantastic at any setting. The pedal's six clipping options ensure that it will integrate effortlessly into whatever rig you're running. On top of the clipping options, the Pomeroy's overdrive features an active 3-band equalizer for further tone shaping. Want more from your overdrive? Simply kick in the Pomeroy's boost to push your sound over the top. There's even an effects loop insert jack on the rear panel, allowing you to connect outboard gear for more sonic versatility.

High-quality components and construction

Every aspect of the Pomeroy overdrive/boost pedal displays Emerson Custom's attention to detail and commitment to quality components. The pedal is ruggedly built with soft-click, true bypass switches. It has a tough metal chassis with a durable enamel finish that can handle the hazards of the road. The Pomeroy delivers an all-analog signal path and is designed and built in Oklahoma, USA.

Emerson Custom Pomeroy Overdrive/Boost Pedal Features:

  • Customizable overdrive/boost pedal
  • All-analog signal path for pure analog tone from input to output
  • Boost and overdrive circuits can be utilized together or individually
  • Boost offers up to 24dB
  • Boost can be controlled with optional expression pedal
  • Powerful active EQ on the overdrive side
  • 6 Clipping options for any sound you need
  • Blend brings your unaffected signal back in
  • True bypass switching with soft-click latches
  • Insert in/out jack allows you to run any effect or combination of effects

Tech Specs:

  • Made & Designed In Oklahoma USA
  • Soft Touch (Click-Less) True Bypass Footswitches
  • Standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, 300mA power supply recommended. (POWER SUPPLY NOT INCLUDED)
  • Top Mount Jacks (IN, OUT, INSERT & POWER)

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Additional Info

Includes full factory warranty against defects in components or manufacturing.
Calculated at Checkout