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Pro Series™ Barrel Knobs ~ Solid Brass Tele® / P Bass Chrome

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Pro Series hand selects the best guitar parts and accessories from manufacturers around the world and brings them together under one roof.  When you buy Pro Series you can rest assured that you are buying professional grade parts built for superior performance and longevity.

Solid Brass barrel knob as used on Fender Tele and Precision Bass (package of 2)

Includes brass adapter Bushings to fit all US and metric solid and split shaft pots.


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Grant Rowlands 8th Jul 2016

Telecaster control knobs

These do the job nicely. I used these in conjunction with a deluxe wiring upgrade kit recently, in a rewire of one of my Tele's. These knobs fit well with the kit. They have a grub screw to tighten to get the knobs sitting at the right height, and secure them well. I would buy these again if I needed any further replacements. they are pretty good value in my view

Stuart 1st Feb 2016

Solid, shiny and fit

Upgraded my MIJ Tele wiring harness to USA CTS pots and needed new knobs to fit the 1/4" shafts. These Pro Series Barrel Knobs did the job well, no hassles fitting, and just as good and chromey as the fender knobs - plus saved $10 (they are prolly made in the same factory)!

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