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Pro Series™ NOS Russian Capacitor ~ K42Y-2 PIO

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Pro Series hand selects the best guitar parts and accessories from manufacturers around the world and brings them together under one roof.  When you buy Pro Series you can rest assured that you are buying professional grade parts built for superior performance and longevity.

The K42Y-2 is a high quality PIO capacitors made for the Russian military during the cold ware era. The conductor is made of foil and the dielectric is oil saturated paper and glass sealed in a metal body.

These capacitors provide excellent sonic characteristics and are widely used in the best quality audio applications. We also hand meter each one before we send it out to ensure that it is within spec.

Rough Guide

  • Use 0.022uf Caps for Brighter Modern Tone
  • Use 0.033uf Caps for somewhere in the middle
  • Use 0.047uf Caps for Warmer Vintage Tone
  • Voltage is not important in guitars & does not affect tone

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22nd Aug 2016

0.047uf Caps for Warmer Vintage Tone

Does just what it claims to do. Very happy with this purchase. prompt delivery transaction too which is the icing on the cake. Don't hesitate, replace yours soon!

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