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Select CTS ~ Potentiometer Split Shaft 500k

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pro-series-2.pngPro Series hand selects the best guitar parts and accessories from manufacturers around the world and brings them together under one roof.  When you buy Pro Series you can rest assured that you are buying professional grade parts built for superior performance and longevity.

500k Split Shaft CTS Potentiometer for Guitar & Bass

Pro Series Select CTS Potentiometers are the absolute premium in guitar tone and volume controls, and the perfect upgrade over your stock electronics (including Fender USA guitar and Basses).

They are custom built for Pro Series by CTS with a smooth, low torque taper, long life brass bushings and shaft and high quality mounting hardware.

Once they arrive from CTS we hand test and match each and every one to our own tight +/-8% tolerance to ensure that your new controls are as close to the listed spec as possible.

Pro Series Select Specifications:

  • Tight ±8% Resistance Tolerance
  • Hand tested and Matched to ±2%
  • Low Torque - Easy Turn Design
  • Smooth Taper for Improved Tone & Volume Control
  • Long Life Brass Shaft & Bushing
  • 0.250” (6mm)Shaft Diameter
  • 3/8” (9.52mm) Shaft Height
  • 3/8” (9.52mm) Required Mounting Hole:
  • Requires US Spec 24 Spline Control Knobs

Pro Series Select Pot Matching:

At Pro Series we hand test and match all pot orders to be within 2% of each other so you do not get the same huge variance in resistance that you get in factory model electronics, or off the shelf pot orders.


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Mike 30th Apr 2020

CTS Pots

Quality parts delivered quickly..

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