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Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor (+/- 5%)

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Pro Series™ hand selects the best guitar parts and accessories from manufacturers around the world and brings them together under one roof.  When you buy Pro Series™ you can rest assured that you are buying professional grade parts built for superior performance and longevity

This is the famous premium (+/-5%) Sprague Orange Drop Cap used as a tone upgrade on many high end guitars.

Built with audio grade Polypropylene dielectric material which provides a smooth tone with no sonic impurities.

Avaliable Values:

  • 0.015uf
  • 0.022uf (Ideal for brighter modern tone. Allows for a great useable treble roll off)
  • 0.033uf
  • 0.047uf (Ideal for more warmer vintage tone. Allows for greater treble roll off)
  • 0.067uf
  • 0.1uf (Often used in true vintage replica guitars and bass)

For a quick brief on why you should upgrade your caps have a quick look at our blog post


Reviews (2)

Mat 26th Jul 2018

Sprague Orange Drop caps

I’m no electronics expert but these feel like quality components. Plenty of length on the legs, good upgrade from the caps in my Tremonti SE. Also the service from Tone Lounge in general is one of the best I’ve encountered with any online shop full stop.

rik 5th Jun 2016

Sprague Capacitors

Excellent quality product, - with wide applications, - the capacitor of choice for me.

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