About Us

ToneLounge Est. 2010


Pro Guitar Gear in New Zealand


The Beginning:

 Our aim was to grow the range of guitar gear available in New Zealand.

In 2010 the range of sounds available to guitarists here in New Zealand was getting thin. Meanwhile, the number of products available around the world had never been bigger, so we decided fill the gaps. 

We started with a range of  guitar pickups, parts and accessories, offering them at internationally competitive prices. In the background the beginnings of the boutique effects market was rumbling in to life & in 2014 we made the big decision to bring some of the biggest makers here to NZ.

Players started asking for tubes for their amps, so naturally we grew our range of those too.


We offer some of the biggest guitar brands in the industry.

We have continued to grow and now offer an excellent range of some of the best guitar tools available. We operate out of a cozy warehouse in Sockburn, Christchurch and ship nationwide for guitarists around New Zealand.

We keep our products in stock in New Zealand and offer them at internationally competitive prices.


What Else:

 We have also created and build solder-less guitar electronics at ObsidianWire.

At ToneLounge we saw the need for a way to be able to upgrade guitar electronics and swap pickups without having to solder. So we developed and operate ObsidianWire. At ObsidianWire we design and build an internationally sought after range of Pro-Wired Electronics for Guitar & Bass.




Mathew & Caitlin Goodall
Tone Lounge

Christchurch, New Zealand



Feedback & Suggestions:

Tell us how we can continue to help you and other guitarists.

We are always on a journey of continuous development. If you see something that you think we can do better, or cool new products that you would like to see here in New Zealand, please contact us direct at - mathew@tonelounge.co.nz



Price Match:

 International competitive pricing is sorta our thing.

At Tone Lounge we pride ourselves in offering professional grade guitar gear at internationally competitive prices. If you find a product we stock, for less, tell us about it.

We will see if we can match the price, and best of all, ship it direct from our store in NZ, so you don't have to wait.