Tone Lounge ✯ Supplying New Zealand Guitarists ✯ Est. 2010




 Tone Lounge is acquired by Guitars Rock NZ Ltd


As from 1 February 2021, Tone Lounge is a division of Guitars Rock NZ Ltd of Auckland, New Zealand. Guitars Rock is owned and operated by Conway Paton.


Conway is semi-retired and a keen amateur guitarist who has been playing (on and off) for 50 years and is an avid collector and trader of guitars, amps and pedals.


Conway is also co-editor of, a website dedicated to the English post-punk group The Fall, and a consultant to The Fall’s record label, Cherry Red Records in London.




Tone Lounge was founded in 2010

Tone Lounge was set up by husband and wife team, Mathew & Caitlin Goodall from Christchurch.

It started with a range of  guitar pickups, parts and accessories, offering them at internationally competitive prices. In the background, the beginnings of the boutique effects market was rumbling into life, and in 2014 Tone Lounge made the decision to bring some of the biggest makers here to New Zealand.


Further product lines, like amplifier tubes were added as the company grew.


Mathew & Caitlin also developed the Obsidian Wire guitar system which they have now decided to concentrate upon. Tone Lounge continues to stock and highly recommend their Obsidian Wire products.