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Terraform Advanced 11 Effect Modulation

NZ $539.00
TERRAFORM When Wampler decides to jump into the multiFX market, they do it in style. 11 custom designed effects blocks, from Flanger to Phaser, Chorus to U-Vibe, Harmonic Tremolo to Envelope Filter, you know everything about it is going to be perfect...


Lucky Cat Digital Delay

NZ $389.00
Lucky Cat (Digital Delay) In 2007, we released our very first delay pedal, the Pink Panther. That pedal was instantly recognizable with it’s bright pink case and shiny silver knobs...but not every cat has 9 lives and we only produced about...

TC Electronic

Flashback Delay

NZ $339.00
TonePrint-Enabled Delay Pedal with 11 Classic Delay Types, Audio Tapping and 40 Second Looper The Flashback 2 Delay from TC Electronic is a pedal intended for use with electric guitar. It provides multiple delay types, all accessible from one...
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Bicycle ~ Delay

NZ $369.00
  Introduction The nature of the experience depends almost entirely on set and setting The Story The Bicycle Delay was something like an “Albert Hoffman moment” (to quote a good friend and guitarist Neal Casal). I sat down with...
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