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Earthquaker Devices

Sea Machine V3 Super Chorus

NZ $389.00
Sea Machine™Super Chorus The Sea Machine is a chorus pedal with as many modulation possibilities as there are fish in the ocean. That’s a lot of fish. And a lot of...

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Wampler Pedals

Ego Compressor

NZ $339.00
Wampler Ego Compressor Now widely regarded as the industry standard in guitar pedal compression, the Ego Compressor brings a new level of control to what is expected and needed by today's guitar...

Belle Epoch ~ EP-3 Tape Style Echo

NZ $339.00
Introduction  Faithful sonic recreation of the EP-3 tape echo. Yes, including the preamp. “The Catalinbread Belle Epoch is the closest thing to a real EP-3 that I’ve ever played...
JHS Pedals

Morning Glory V4 Discreet Overdrive

NZ $329.00
Morning Glory V4 (Discreet Overdrive)   Over the years the Morning Glory is undoubtedly our most known and praised overdrive pedal. It has won more awards and received more accolades...
JHS Pedals

The Bonsai 9 Way Screamer Overdrive

NZ $389.00
The Bonsai 9 Way Tube Screamer Overdrive   In the late 1970's the overdrive pedal was arguably perfected when Japanese engineers designed the sound that we now know as the heart and soul...

Best Sellers

JJ Electronic

Pre-Amp Tube 12AX7 / ECC83

NZ $32.99
The JJ 12Ax7 Pre-amp Tube - Our Number 1 Selling Product JJ Electronic is a world-renowned manufacturer of vacuum tubes which has been building professional grade components for guitar amps and...
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