Dazatronyx Germanium Amplifier

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This is a pre-owned pedal. 

All pre-owned pedals have been tested and are in proper working order. Each pedal is rated for condition on a scale of 1-5 (5=excellent condition/as new; no paint chips or scratches). The rating is for the pedal only. If it comes in the original box, that will be noted in the listing.

The condition of this pedal is rated 5/5. In original box. 

Voicing switch:
  • Mid: Effective at boosting for more drive, without the bottom end getting too flabby.
  • Bright: Slightly fuller than a classic treble booster.
  • Full Cream: Extra body, and fat tone.
GE / SI:
Silicon mode has a little more gain and aggression than Germanium, as well as lower noise levels.
NOTE: for purity of design, this pedal uses a positively grounded case. As such, it needs to be run from an isolated power supply, or battery. IE this pedal may not be suitable for a daisy-chain power supply. Batteries are not necessarily preferred. 





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