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Guitar Amp Octal Rectifier Tube 5AR4 / GZ34

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Jj Electronica Vacuum Tubes LogoJJ Electronic is a world-renowned manufacturer of vacuum tubes which has been building professional grade components for guitar amps and Hi-Fi since 1993. For many, they are the first choice when looking to upgrade.

The JJ GZ34 / 5AR4 tube is an excellent replacement rectifier tube for both guitar and hi-fi tube amplifiers.

Octal rectifier tube (Max DC output current = 250 mA)

Vacuum Tube Packaging Guarantee

We take great pride in our packaging and take every precaution in ensuring that your tubes reach you in perfect condition. All tubes are shipped in their factory packaging and for added safety a secure, void filled carton. We are so confident that your tubes will reach you intact that we promise to replace any damaged tubes or give a full refund


Reviews (2)

Richard Smallfield 31st Mar 2016

An improvement over the solid state that was in the amp beforehand

I'd had a solid state rectifier in my 59 Bassman RI for several years, since a Sovtec 5AR4 died. There was nothing really wrong with the solid state one, but I do prefer the sound of the GZ34, due to its fuller, rounder sound. As I'm playing jazz, it suits me better and also truer to the vintage all-valve Bassman sound. Hopefully it will be longer-lived than the Sovtec. I can't give it five stars yet, as I've not had it in the amp for long enough to vouch for its longevity.

Steve Maitland 3rd Dec 2014

JJ 5AR4 / GZ34

JJ / Tesla Vacuum Tube ~ Octal Rectifier 5AR4 / GZ34 Placed in my Bruno underground 30 Head very thick and warm, wonderful sound.

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