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Guitar Amp Power Tube KT88

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JJ / Tesla Vacuum Tube ~ Power Tube Kt88 Octal power tube (Max Plate Watts = 42W)Jj Electronica Vacuum Tubes Logo

JJ has outdone themselves with this tube. The quality of construction and sound is reminiscent of the original GEC KT88.

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Vacuum Tube Packaging Guarantee

We take great pride in our packaging and take every precaution in ensuring that your tubes reach you in perfect condition. All tubes are shipped in their factory packaging and for added safety a secure, void filled carton. We are so confident that your tubes will reach you intact that we promise to replace any damaged tubes or give a full refund


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Dirk van Walt 30th May 2018

Great tubes, great service!

Firstly, many thanks for the snappy service and for goods sent with care and speed. Cheers! These 88s are deadly quiet at idle and make not a sound when powering on or off my amp. So far for reliability they have been superb, and for that alone I give them top marks. They sound good too! I don't think they have any particular magic to them but I think they will make a great reference against which to rate others.

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