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P90 Convertible Pickup ~ Humbucker Retro Fit Cream (RW/RP)

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Kent Armtsong is a pickup designer with a wealth of knowledge, which has culminated in some of the best value pickups available.

In the early 1970's, Kent Armtsrong got his start rewinding pickups in his father, Dan Armstrong's New York City repair shop. Eventually, Kent took over the repair shop and added a partner: pickup designer Bill Lawrence. With Bill's help, Kent continued his accumulation of pickup knowledge, and it was at this time that he started building his first pickups.Now Kent lends his mind to designing some of the best value pickup upgrades available.

This is a P-90 pickup in humbucker sized housing. It will fit anyplace a humbucker fits without physically modifying your guitar!

Now you can get that wonderful P-90 tone in any guitar that currently uses humbuckers. These pickups are available in reverse wound/reverse polarity for noise cancellation as they are true single coil pickups. An all around terrific pickup, suitable for many musical styles!

These come as standard equipment in the Stromberg® Monterey® guitars and have received rave reviews. One player described the fat, full sound as “…sounds like a baby grand piano! Each note is so well defined!”

An all around terrific pickup!

  • ALNICO V Magnets
  • Resistance =8.5K

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