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Simplifier Mk.II - amp & cab simulator

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DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Mk.II

Zero-watt stereo guitar amplifier with built-in reverb. Delivers pure analogue amp tones from a portable, pedalboard-friendly package!

DSM & Humboldt's original Simplifier was a huge hit; offering guitar player's premium amplifier tones on the go. This sleek, stylish "amp-in-a-box" and cab sim pedal came equipped with a host of pure analogue parameters and useful stereo connections — allowing you to craft your own unique sounds with a hands-on, visceral approach.

The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Mk.II takes that amazing amp simulation experience to a new stage of realism, boasting many more options while keeping the instant touch and dynamics that only an all-analogue device can manage.

What's New with the Simplifier MkII?

Preamps to the Limit!

Completely redesigned preamps with wider gain options:

  • 'AC Brit' preamp minimises the Mid control range, resulting in a more accurate historic behaviour — akin to a Vox AC30 '64 "Top Boost" channel.

  • American 'USA' preamp is now based on a true classic, the Fender '59 Bassman.

  • 'MS Brit' delivers a new level of gain, just like a hot-rodded Marshall Plexi.

Power Amp Drive

  • A new dedicated power amp drive allows you to dial-in the perfect amount of power amp compression, for that "sweet spot" that only a tube amp can achieve.

  • The power amp is a highly-detailed reproduction of a Class A/B power stage, including the phase inverter. Each power type reconfigures the feedback path, PI gain and the effect of the power transformer on the emulated power tubes.

  • A clip indicator shows when the emulated power tubes are clipping, helping you to find the desired sweet spot between power drive and preamp drive, as it would be on an actual tube amplifier.

  • In combination with the Master Volume control, you can get any amount of pre and power amp drive at any volume level!

Master Section

  • Master Volume control allows you to set any amount of pre and power amp drive at any volume level, avoiding unwanted FX loop distortion.

  • Redesigned Presence control within the power amp feedback. Clockwise, it boosts the high mids like Marshall and Fender amps. Counter-clockwise, and it cuts the highs like a Vox amp.

  • Redesigned Resonance control allows you to set the low-end thump straight into your PA system or audio interface.

Stereo Cab Simulator

After countless hours of comprehensive research, looking at hundreds of response curves from the most renowned speakers in the market, DSM & Humboldt completely redesigned the Simplifier's Cab Sim section; replacing the Mic position control for a more useful and intuitive three-profile speaker control:

  • Black: Based on the V30 Speaker.

  • Blue: Based on the Blue Alnico Speaker.

  • Green: Based on the G12 Greenback Speaker.

There are also three classic cabinet types to choose from:

  • Combo (1x12" Blackface-style cab)

  • Twin (2x12" AC-style cab)

  • Stack (4x12" 1960-style cab)

Built-In Reverb

According to many Simplifier users, one of the most desired features on the original unit was a built-in reverb, or at least a Room control. DSM & Humboldt answered the call by loading our their Simplifier MkII with a side-chained digital plate reverb.

Updated Enclosure

With a redesigned layout for an easy tone-shaping experience and fantastic connectivity, the Simplifier MkII is optimised to be the perfect brain for your pedalboard. DSM & Humboldt have also introduced a brand new heavy-duty, all-aluminium enclosure — with all-metal switches for maximum endurance.


  • Voltage: 9 to 12V DC regulated (2.1mm DC jack, centre negative)

  • Current consumption: 150mA (recommended supply current of above 200mA)

  • Input Impedance: 1Meg Ohm

  • L & R Return Input Impedance: 1Meg Ohm

  • Send Output Impedance: 1K Ohm

  • Unbalanced Outputs Impedance: 4.7K Ohms

  • Balanced Outputs Impedance: 100 Ohms

  • Power: 135mW into 32 Ohms (use with 16, 32, 64 and 96 Ohm headphones)

  • Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 45 mm (4.7 x 2.7 x 1.8 inches)

  • Weight: 360 grams (0.8 lb)


Reviews (1)

Charles Boylin 15th Mar 2024

Simplifier Mk.II

This is a fantastic amp modeller that has three preamp voices and three power amp voices and three cab voices, all with the ability to mix and match between. It isn't a modeller in the line6/fractal/head rush sense of the term.. It's an actual micro amp that reacts exactly and as immediately as an actual amp would. If you're experience of amp modelling is informed by plugins and digital stand alone units you might be forgiven for not liking the Simplifier Mk.II on first try. It's very reactive and very dry. However, if you use it exactly as you would a normal amp I'll be surprised if you don't fall in love with it and ditch all your digital amp sims. Currently I have mine on a corner of my board with a spring reverb emulation in the loop and all my other pedals feeding the front end and it sounds phenomenal. When I plug it into my DAW and start adding compressors and applying other studio style processing it feels and sounds like any top quality tube amp would. This is an absolutely awesome unit and I would highly recommend you try one out if you have a chance.

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