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Tone of the Gods V2 (Gold Plexi front panel)

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Tone of the Gods - a triple channel very high end Pre-amp, Overdrive (Grind) and High Voltage Boost in one pedal.

Designed and handwired in New Zealand by JD Analog.

PREAMP Channel

When only switching on the Pre-Amp Circuit, you have full function of the Pre-Amp which includes the Pre-Gain cascade function, the optical compressor / Threshold function and the Output function, which is the circuits main output section. Yet this Output control also acts as a preamp leveller control when used with the other channels at the same time. You do not get the use of the pedals Master Volume function when only switching on the Pre-Amp. The Threshold dial will allow you to reign in peaking. This function is mostly noticeable when you have the Output and Pre-Gain at higher levels. This function will stop hard hits on the strings from jumping out of the speakers in a way that is very natural and soft.

Based on the Schaffer and Epoch Preamp style circuits.

GRIND Channel

When only switching on the Grind channel, you get full function of the Grind channel which includes the Gain function, which will add drive, texture, sustain and grit to your overall tone, as well as the usage of the Grind treble and bass function. The volume is the overall output of this channel. When using the Grind channel on its own, you also get the full function of the pedals Master Volume control which is switchable to allow you to use it as a boost function by having the Master Volume turned down a little bit when activated, then switching it off suddenly to allow for a jump in volume for solos and different aspects of a song. Also, when this channel is activated, you get the use of the rear mini pot that allows for further fine tuning of the bass and treble frequencies within the Grind channel.

Based on the Jan Ray and Timmy style overdrive circuits.


When only switching on the HV Boost channel, you get the full function of the HV Boost channel that includes the full Plexi style EQ Section and the High Head Room Boost Knob. This boost will not break up your tone. It will allow you to achieve a very powerful push into the front of your tube amp to act as close as possible to a genuine cascaded preamp circuit that’s built into your amp itself, pushing your tubes harder, and into a natural tube drive and sustain. The same as having another tube added to your tube amps preamp, that creates a cascaded preamp drive. When this channel is in use, you also get the full use of the pedals Master Volume section as explained in regards to the Grind channel.

Based on a vintage Marshall Plexi EQ section.

Visit www.toneofthegods.com for more information and read the online user manuals for info on how the 3 channels interact and how the passive master volume works.


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Additional Info

NZ $15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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