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The ObsidianWire Traditional Vintage Plus harness plays homage to all of those famous Fender® Strat® sounds that we have known and loved since the 50s. Like Leo, we have an eye for detail so we have also added a few handy touches to improve the play-ability and sound.

Best of all, these are super easy to install, and allow for unlimited solder-less pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, Play and Enjoy connectors.

Adding the Plus to the Traditional Vintage:

The Traditional Vintage harness retains the sound of the 1954 Stratocaster®. We also add simple tweaks to make those Traditional Vintage sounds more usable, and accessible for the working musician.

First we connected the harsh bridge pickup to the second tone control so you can roll off the excess treble and add some depth to your solos. We keep the middle pickup attached to this tone control as well giving your greater flexibility.

To make your tone crystal clear at lower volumes we also include an ObsidianWire Custom Spec Treble Bleed Mod. This prevents tone 'muddiness' at low volumes by allowing high frequencies to pass along a separate path to your amp, rather than being stopped short by the increasing resistance at the volume control.

We also use a 5 way switch rather than the old 3 way. Artists have been using the in-between settings of the three way for near on half a century and the 5 way switch has been in use as a basic requirement since the 70s. For us it was a no brainer.

We build ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics using the world’s best craftsmanship and components:

• 3 x ObsidianWire Custom Select Pots (Crafted by CTS) 250k (+/-8%) (Matched to +/-2%) SPLIT SHAFT
• 1 x Genuine Oak Grigsby 5-Way Switch
• 1 x Genuine Switchcraft J11 Mono Output jack
• 1 x Obsidian Select Capacitor (150 Series Polyester Film 0.047uf) (Hand Tested to +/-10%)
• 1 x ObsidianWire Premium Selected Volume Mod / Treble Bleed - Improved Volume Taper & Clarity
• 1 x Pre Printed & Easy to Follow Wiring Diagram
• 1 x Endless Customer Support


ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics for Strat, are designed to be a direct fit for American and Mexican series Fender Stratocasters. We cannot guarantee that these will fit any other guitar.

These are also excellent upgrades for Japanese Fender & Squier Guitars with some adjustment. In the least you will need to widen the holes in the pick-guard out to around 3/8" or 10mm & get new US spec control knobs for the higher grade electronics.

At ObsidianWire we use US spec, 24 spline, split shaft controls. Using the incorrect size knobs can, and will damage your controls. We recommend that you check your knobs are the correct size and replace them if necessary. If your knobs do not press on easily, slightly crimp the top of the pots shaft together to improve the fit.


Reviews (3)

Michael Haller 25th Feb 2019

Stratocaster Blender wiring harneses

Matt makes the best wiring harnesses available without a doubt. I put a strat blender on my Squire Stratocaster Deluxe about 12 months ago. It was so simple to install a child could probably do it. Everything is perfect. I have just taken delivery of my 2nd Stratocaster harness this time a Vintage unit for a Stratocaster thanks. I will be coming back to replace my USA Telecasters harness when I save up some more money, thanks again Matt, cheers, Michael - Thornton NSW

John 12th Feb 2019

Obsidian guitar wiring

For those who have bought from obsidian before I need say no more. For those who have yet to use obsidian as a supply these products are at the top of the game both in terms of aesthetics and performance. I found the product while browsing on the American web site and was surprised to find their NZ heritage, another great example of Kiwiks punching above their weight on the world stage. Awesome

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