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Fuzz Boy XL

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Monarch Pedals - effects pedals for guitar and bass designed and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand. 

"We make original circuit effects pedals that make playing the guitar more fun, more inspiring, and make you want to play that little bit longer, building them by hand one at a time from road-tested components that are built to survive the rigours of the road, or wherever you want them to go. A funky paintjob doesn't hurt either!"  

The only thing better than 1 Fuzzboy is 2 Fuzzboys.

Each side of the pedal (Fuzz 1 and Fuzz 2) is the same circuit as the OG Fuzzboy but here you can set 2 pedals individually for a whole universe of sounds. More doom, more synth, more sputter, more glitch, more fuzz.

If you want the thickest doom sound for your guitar or bass just turn the MASS up, TONE down, VOLUME up, and set STARVE to about 15% on both sides. That is the most beautiful cacophony.

Or set one side for a synthy velcro sound with the STARVE high, MASS low, TONE up, and volume to suit, then use the other channel either as a pre or post boost. Or what about 2 channels doing the gated synth filtered thing? Who knows what could happen but this thing was never not being played in our test rig. SO many sounds are in there.

Comes in a 1590BB enclosure. One side has a pink LED, the other has a white LED and each side can operate by itself or in unison with the other.


  • Handwired in New Zealand.

  • 2 Independent Fuzzboy circuits wired in series.

  • PINK channel and WHITE channel with corresponding LEDs.

  • True Bypass switching.

  • Top mounted jacks.

  • 1590BB size enclosure.

  • My fuzz brings all the boys to the yard.

  • DC centre negative power supplies only. No battery capability exists because they just end up in landfills :(


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