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Monarch Pedals - effects pedals for guitar and bass designed and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand. 

"We make original circuit effects pedals that make playing the guitar more fun, more inspiring, and make you want to play that little bit longer, building them by hand one at a time from road-tested components that are built to survive the rigours of the road, or wherever you want them to go. A funky paintjob doesn't hurt either!"  

From gentle pulses to helicopter attack, the Total Eclipse is a 4 knob tremolo designed to just do the tremolo thing without fuss. 

There’s enough boost available for the Total Eclipse to work as a clean boost, just turn all the knobs to zero except for LEVEL which is set to taste. Easy.

RATE: Controls the speed of the tremolo function.

SHAPE: From a smooth triangle wave to a stop/start square wave.

DEPTH: Determines the amount of volume drop between pulses. All the way to the right silences the signal between pulses, whereas more to the left increases the relative volume meaning soft throbs or chopper noises are available.

LEVEL: Sets the output volume of the signal. Unity is somewhere around 6/10 but this depends on your gear. 


  • True bypass operation.

  • Top Mounted jacks.

  • 9v power.

  • Handmade in New Zealand.

  • Snazzy paintjob based on the Amiga classic.



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