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Monarch Pedals – effects pedals for guitar and bass designed and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand. 

“We make original circuit effects pedals that make playing the guitar more fun, more inspiring, and make you want to play that little bit longer, building them by hand one at a time from road-tested components that are built to survive the rigours of the road, or wherever you want them to go. A funky paintjob doesn’t hurt either!” 

Still Got It: Bedroom warriors unite. If you like tight quick heavy chugs like they were pressed out of sheet metal then this is for you. All the mids, all the bass, with a searing top end meaning your audience will hear every note with clarity and aggression. At quieter levels it will cater for blues and alternative, but will take your downtuned riffing to the next level if you let it.  

There are 3 controls on the face of the unit – Gain, Tone, and Volume. 

Volume – this sets the overall output volume of the device. The higher the Volume control is set the louder the signal and the more fullness and sparkle you will hear in the sound. 

Tone – The tone control here acts like a slight bass cut. Full everything is to the left, full right is bass cut and treble boosted. 

Gain – this controls the amount of distortion or drive in the signal. As the gain control is turned up you will notice an upper mid growl starts to appear 

9v centre negative DC input only. No battery capability. 

All analogue circuitry, handwired, true bypass. 


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